Quiz: Midterm

Question 1 4 pts
To become certified in his state, Bill had to pass a test that included reading, writing, and mathematics. What is the reasoning that is most likely to have led to this requirement?
Group of answer choices

Prospective teachers who know they do not perform well in those subjects are less likely to seek certification in that state.

Teachers must be competent in basic skill areas if they are to perform effectively in their jobs.

Testing requirements help to reduce the teaching force during times of excess supply and low demand.

Reading, writing, and math performance are closely associated statistically with on-the-job measures of teaching effectiveness.

Flag question: Question 2

Question 2 4 pts
When considering the average salary range of teachers, __________ can be expected.
Group of answer choices




above $65,000

Flag question: Question 3

Question 3 4 pts
The growing trend towards caring for students with special needs is increasing. The practice of ________ in a regular classroom is a growing trend for full inclusion.
Group of answer choices



alternative buildings

limited services

Flag question: Question 4

Question 4 4 pts
Which of the following presents the greatest obstacle to teachers’ gaining the kind of autonomy suggested by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards?
Group of answer choices

Teachers do not receive training in organizing and running their own professional organizations.

Most teachers are not interested in gaining more autonomy in their work.

Because education is a public enterprise and a public responsibility, citizens and their elected officials will be slow to turn control over to teachers.

The teaching population in the United States is too large and too varied to govern its own professional affairs.

Flag question: Question 5

Question 5 4 pts
In recent measures of occupational prestige, teachers rank
Group of answer choices

at the top of the scale alongside physicians.

above the ninetieth percentile.

at the bottom of the scale.

at the fiftieth percentile.

Flag question: Question 6

Question 6 4 pts
For Aristotle, thinking and knowing begin with
Group of answer choices

grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

one’s sensation of objects in the environment.

rediscovery of latent knowledge.

self-examination and self-analysis.

Flag question: Question 7

Question 7 4 pts
During the Reformation, Protestant religious educators sought to
Group of answer choices

free themselves and their followers from papal authority.

introduce child-centered instructional approaches.

open up secondary education to all children.

restrict access to schooling.

Flag question: Question 8

Question 8 4 pts
Katherine, an elementary school teacher, believes that children are by nature prone to mean and unruly behavior and that part of a teacher’s job is to be a firm disciplinarian to help children overcome these tendencies. Katherine’s ideas are most similar to which of the following?
Group of answer choices

child naturalism

tabula rasa

child depravity theory

utilitarian education

Flag question: Question 9

Question 9 4 pts
Jean Piaget’s principles of learning are based primarily on
Group of answer choices

the child’s cognitive development.

the child’s moral development.

the child’s physical development.

the child’s emotional development

Flag question: Question 10

Question 10 4 pts
The education pioneer who suggested that teachers should design their classrooms as learning centers stocked with materials that engage children’s curiosity and stimulate their explorations was
Group of answer choices

Jane Addams.

Herbert Spencer.

Jean Piaget.

John Dewey.

Flag question: Question 11

Question 11 4 pts
When Thomas Jefferson tried to establish public education in Virginia, his primary purpose was to
Group of answer choices

promote a knowledgeable citizenry.

provide education for all children.

require schools to teach general education and vocational skills.

require professional training for teachers.

Flag question: Question 12

Question 12 4 pts
Thomas Jefferson’s Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge is an important benchmark in the history of public education because it
Group of answer choices

was the first legislative attempt by a state to take over schools and use them for social, political, and economic purposes.

represents the first time a national leader took the initiative to create a national system of public education.

marked a transition in the broad purpose of schooling from religious instruction, as had existed in the colonial period, to public schools based on the needs of a democratic society.

challenged the ability of the federal government to intervene in the affairs of public schools.

Flag question: Question 13

Question 13 4 pts
The elementary school that was open to the children of all social and economic classes was the
Group of answer choices

common school.

Latin grammar school.

normal school.

town school.

Flag question: Question 14

Question 14 4 pts
Pragmatists such as Dewey see the school as a local community of _______________ connected to the larger society.
Group of answer choices

educators and decision makers

learners and teachers

pragmatist and realists

educators and politicians

Flag question: Question 15

Question 15 4 pts
The aim of perennialism is to
Group of answer choices

foster a student’s intellectual development.

educate the useful and competent person.

educate the individual according to her or his own interests.

educate for the world of work.

Flag question: Question 16

Question 16 4 pts
Karen sees the world and everything in it as a laboratory for learning. She believes her students learn best when she poses problems they have to solve by interacting with a real-world setting. Which of the following views is closest to Karen’s beliefs?
Group of answer choices





Flag question: Question 17

Question 17 4 pts
When signs of child abuse are recognized by a teacher,
Group of answer choices

the teacher is required to report the abuse to the proper authorities.

most states discourage the reporting of child abuse because it so prevalent.

since there are few policies established by school districts, teachers must make their own decision about reporting the abuse.

as an employee in an educational institution, the teacher should leave such matters to other social agencies.

Flag question: Question 18

Question 18 4 pts
Teachers need to be familiar with the legal principle of fair use when
Group of answer choices

identifying student helpers in the classroom.

letting children take turns using classroom materials.

photocopying materials for classroom use.

selecting textbooks to be used in the classroom.

Flag question: Question 19

Question 19 4 pts
Before school officials can search a student, there must be
Group of answer choices

probable cause.

a search warrant.

parental permission.

reasonable cause.

Flag question: Question 20

Question 20 4 pts
You know a tenured teacher who was recently fired for insubordination. She is suing her district for damages, claiming that she was not insubordinate and that the district’s action has done irreparable damage to her good name, reputation, and integrity. This case is most likely to focus on
Group of answer choices

the teacher’s liberty interests under the Fourteenth Amendment.

the teacher’s rights under the free exercise clause of the First Amendment.

the teacher’s academic freedom.

the Tenth Amendment’s reserved powers clause.

Flag question: Question 21

Question 21 4 pts
Sidney Greidanus sets forth all of the following ideas except
Group of answer choices

One must interpret each passage of the Bible in the context it was written.

The Bible is written to address the heart of human beings.

One’s study of the Bible and one’s academic study should reveal consistent principles.

One cannot interpret scripture and thus, it should be read as literal in every situation.

Flag question: Question 22

Question 22 4 pts
The Bible teaches clearly through the biblical doctrines of the creation, fall, and redemption all of the following except
Group of answer choices

Human beings were made in the image of God.

We were separated from God through Adam’s sin.

We must strive to be like Jesus.

God acted through Jesus Christ to redeem a people from among our fallen race.

Flag question: Question 23

Question 23 4 pts
In 1983 the famous report, ______________, triggered the reform movement of the 1980s and 1990s by pointing to many shortcomings in our schools.
Group of answer choices

A Nation at Risk

A Nation in Trouble

A Troubled Nation

Education at Risk

Flag question: Question 24

Question 24 4 pts
According to your Graham text, learning is
Group of answer choices

accepting  something as the truth , making a heart-level commitment to it, and acting on it.

intellectual storage or assent.

our willingness to listen to others beliefs.

change in the learners heart.

Flag question: Question 25

Question 25 4 pts
According to your Graham text, we are made in the image of a God God who is______.
Group of answer choices





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