Quiz: ProEthica: Leading the Professional Educator

Question 1 1.5 pts
Mr. Holland, the principal of an elementary school, explicitly states on the school’s website that district policy prohibits bringing animals to class because of concerns about allergies. Ms. McCloskey, a kindergarten classroom parent, brings a fish in a tank to class for the students to observe during a unit on the ocean. Which of the following best explains why Mr. Holland should ask for the fish to be removed from the classroom?
Group of answer choices

Fish are delicate creatures and may die, which could traumatize the kindergarteners.

Ms. McCloskey’s action directly violates district policy.

Mr. Holland needs to save face by responding to Ms. McCloskey’s defying his authority.

Flag question: Question 2

Question 2 1.5 pts
Ms. Litt, a resource teacher, is responsible for working with students who have individualized education plans and who need assistance or extra time on standardized tests. Some of the teachers have reported to Mr. Gordon, the principal, that they suspect that Ms. Litt gives students the answers. When Mr. Gordon asks Ms. Litt whether this is true, she denies it. Based on what you have learned in this course, what is the best way for Mr. Gordon to address the situation while complying with the ethical principles for professional educators?
Group of answer choices

Ask the reporting teachers to confront Ms. Litt themselves

Conduct further investigation of the matter

Accept Ms. Litt’s answer as accurate

Flag question: Question 3

Question 3 1.5 pts
A teacher, Ms. Bur, is often sick and has voiced her concern to the principal, Mr. Snow, that there is mold in her classroom. Mr. Snow had the maintenance staff investigate and they found nothing. Ms. Bur conducts a mold test herself with a kit purchased online, and the test comes back positive. Ms. Bur brings Mr. Snow the results of her test and asks him to have a more thorough mold test performed. In order to best align with the ethical principles for professional educators, which of the following factors is most important for Mr. Snow to consider when deciding how to act?
Group of answer choices

The possibility that if he agrees to Ms. Bur’s request, teachers will act on their own rather than consulting him in the future.

The effects mold could have on the health of Ms. Bur and her students.

The potential cost of a more extensive test to find mold in the classroom.

Flag question: Question 4

Question 4 1.5 pts
A school administrator, Ms. Gallant, has begun to suspect that a teacher, Ms. Heller, has a drinking problem. Ms. Gallant’s suspicions are further supported when another teacher, Mr. Sullivan, shows Ms. Gallant a published police report, which states that Ms. Heller was arrested for driving under the influence. Which of the following responses by Ms. Gallant most risks violating ethical standards for school leaders?
Group of answer choices

Asking Mr. Sullivan to tell Ms. Heller that he has learned of her arrest and take notes on what happens

Referring Ms. Heller to an employee assistance program for counseling

Consulting another administrator on how best to act on the new information, without identifying Ms. Heller by name

Flag question: Question 5

Question 5 1.5 pts
Ms. Jenkins, an English teacher under your supervision, is being promoted to the position of vice principal. A colleague informs you that Ms. Jenkins used to date Mr. Marazzo, another teacher currently employed at the school. Ms. Jenkins and Mr. Marazzo appear to be on good terms.

Which of the following responses best takes into account your ethical obligations as an educator?

Group of answer choices

Discuss with Ms. Jenkins whether there are potential concerns about her personal history with Mr. Marazzo.

Discuss the matter with other administrators involved in promoting Ms. Jenkins.

Before approaching either party, obtain more details from other teachers about whether Ms. Jenkins and Mr. Marazzo get along.

Flag question: Question 6

Question 6 1.5 pts
A teacher, Ms. Gilford, is serving as class advisor and is helping the student council organize a fundraiser. Ms. Gilford’s family owns a local bakery, and she proposes having students sell cookies from the bakery at school events. A portion of the proceeds will go to the class fund. Which of the following should the principal point out to Ms. Gilford as the clearest ethics concern about the fundraiser?
Group of answer choices

Students who do not participate in the cookie sale may unfairly benefit from funds raised by students who do participate.

Ms. Gilford’s family business may profit financially from the cookie sale.

People who consume the cookies sold by the class may not have a well-balanced diet.

Flag question: Question 7

Question 7 1.5 pts
High School Assistant Principal Bergman receives a complaint that a teacher, Mr. Halloran, has placed on his bulletin board a crude, cartoonish depiction of a politician currently running for office. Assistant Principal Bergman agrees with the sentiment expressed in the drawing, but he judges that the poster is not making any positive contribution to student education and asks Mr. Halloran to remove it. Which of the following ethical principles is Assistant Principal Bergman most clearly honoring in the situation as described?
Group of answer choices

Ensuring that schools allow equal time for opponents in political controversies

Upholding school policies regardless of one’s personal views

Avoiding retaliation in the enforcement of school policies

Flag question: Question 8

Question 8 1.5 pts
An elementary school’s PTA president, Ms. Capshaw, has a child, Dane, in kindergarten. Dane is young for the class and extremely immature. Throughout the year, teachers and resource professionals have evaluated Dane, and all recommend retention. When the assistant principal, Ms. Baran, who is in charge of grade-level placement, presents these recommendations to Ms. Capshaw, Ms. Capshaw becomes irate. After this incident, Ms. Capshaw uses her status as PTA president to openly criticize Ms. Baran for poor leadership. Which of the following responses by Ms. Baran is most clearly aligned with her ethical obligations as a professional educator?
Group of answer choices

Setting up a meeting with the mother, teachers, resource professionals, assistant principal, and principal to work toward a decision on the child’s placement.

Publicly asking the mother to step down as PTA president because she is upsetting the other members and denigrating the school and its administration.

Moving the child ahead to first grade, despite the concerns, in order to avoid further issues with the parent and preserve the integrity of the PTA.

Flag question: Question 9

Question 9 1.5 pts
In the wake of a disciplinary infraction involving a large group of students, no students are willing to come forward with information about who is responsible. Principal Henry Williams comments during an administrative meeting that he attributes the lack of reporting by students to the school leadership’s handling of a hazing incident the year before. At that time, administrators were slow to respond to student complaints and failed to keep the identities of the complainants anonymous. Principal Williams’ comment shows that school administrators have most clearly put at risk which of the following ethical guidelines?
Group of answer choices

Supporting ethical decision making in the learning community

Acting in ways that establish an emotionally and physically safe environment for students

Coping with external pressures

Flag question: Question 10

Question 10 1.5 pts
Mr. Finnegan, a principal, has noticed that the job performance of Ms. Bart, a long-time tenured teacher and head of the math department, has been slipping in the last year. Her lesson plans are sloppy, her attitude has become quite poor, and she has been seen repeatedly allowing students to have study periods during what should have been instructional time. Recently, Mr. Finnegan has begun receiving complaints from teachers in the math department, who say that Ms. Bart does not accept any of their suggestions about how to better implement the math curriculum. Based on what you have learned in this course, what is the best way for Mr. Finnegan to address the situation while complying with the ethical principles for professional educators?
Group of answer choices

Encouraging the other math teachers to override Ms. Bart and to follow through with their desired plans and strategies

Meeting with Ms. Bart in person to devise a plan of action that is in line with district protocol

Ignoring the situation because Ms. Bart is a tenured teacher and nothing can be done about her performance

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