Quiz: ProEthica: The Professional Educator and Technology, Digital, and Social Media

Question 1 1.5 pts
Ms. Schneider, a high school teacher, has a profile on a popular social media Web site. In addition to sharing pictures of her family and the places she visits, she also uses the profile to remind her students about upcoming assignments and exams. Which of the following ethical principles for educators does Ms. Schneider most clearly put at risk?
Group of answer choices

Knowing how to access, document, and use proprietary materials and understanding how to recognize and prevent plagiarism by students and educators

Exercising prudence in maintaining separate personal and professional virtual profiles and keeping personal and professional lives distinct

Staying abreast of current trends and uses of school technology

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Question 2 1.5 pts
Ms. Clark, the school psychologist, receives medical records for the school’s new student via e-mail. She is surprised to see that the new student has been diagnosed with the same rare condition as her friend’s son who attends a different school.
Which of the following choices poses the greatest risk to principles governing the handling of electronic student records?
Group of answer choices

Ms. Clark makes note of the student’s diagnosis in her own secure record-keeping system.

Ms. Clark e-mails her friend to tell her about the new student and gives her his mother’s phone number so that they can set up a playdate for the two children to bond.

Ms. Clark reaches out to the new student’s parents to let them know that she is familiar with their child’s condition and sets up a meeting with them and their child before the child’s first day of school.

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Question 3 1.5 pts
Farnsworth High School has recently adopted a bring-your-own-device policy that allows students to bring a personal tablet, laptop, or smartphone to school to use for learning purposes. Of the following, which additional policy best promotes equal access to technology for all students?
Group of answer choices

Ensuring that the school has a high-speed wireless connection that can support a large number of devices.

Arranging for a whole-school assembly to establish guidelines for appropriate use of devices in school.

Providing a variety of similar devices that students can check out on a daily basis from the school library.

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Question 4 1.5 pts
Mr. Zhang, a high school math teacher, has heard one of his students, John, talking about illegal drugs with friends. At the end of a class period, Mr. Zhang finds that John accidentally left his phone in the classroom. Mr. Zhang searches through John’s social network site profiles for evidence that John is using illegal drugs. Which of the following ethical obligations of professional educators is put at risk by Mr. Zhang’s actions?
Group of answer choices

The responsibility to prevent students from being exposed to harmful ideas or images

The need to respect students’ privacy on social media

The duty to prevent students from using illicit substances on campus

Flag question: Question 5

Question 5 1.5 pts
Ms. Langston is a popular teacher at Norton High. Tom, a student in her honors English class, learns her phone number by peeking at papers on her desk and sends her a text message about a homework assignment. Ms. Langston does not reply. The next day Tom asks why she “coldly ignored” a question about a homework assignment. Ms. Langston’s choice not to reply to the text message shows that she is aware that –
Group of answer choices

students should not, under any circumstances, text a teacher.

she should not communicate with students through unmonitored technology.

Tom is trying to bait her into giving away answers to homework assignments.

Flag question: Question 6

Question 6 1.5 pts
Which of the following uses of electronic communications technology best exemplifies an educator’s failure to maintain a separation between his or her personal and professional lives?
Group of answer choices

Sending a virtual birthday card to a colleague over school e-mail

Complaining about a school policy to a colleague over personal e-mail

Sharing vacation photos with department staff over school e-mail

Flag question: Question 7

Question 7 1.5 pts
Ms. Jackson discovers that several of her students are using a popular social media Web site to bully another of her students. Which of the following actions is most appropriate for Ms. Jackson to take?
Group of answer choices

Informing school administrators that cyberbullying is taking place

Telling the bullied student to stop visiting the social media Web site

Having the bullies write apology letters to the bullied student

Flag question: Question 8

Question 8 1.5 pts
Before her psychology class begins, Dr. Anita Davis notices that one of her students, Beth, and some of Beth’s friends are intently looking at Beth’s smartphone. Dr. Davis learns from the group that an adult male has been messaging Beth on social media, asking her to meet him. Beth and the others tell Dr. Davis that they think the man is “gross” and that Beth plans to ignore the requests completely. Which of the following ethical principles should most clearly be guiding Dr. Davis in deciding whether she, as an educator, needs to take action in response to the texts being sent from an adult to a minor?
Group of answer choices

Monitor and/or appropriately report information about possible cyberbullying incidents.

Respect student privacy online unless there is evidence of a risk of harm to the student.

Keep in mind that multiple relationships might impair objectivity and harm students’ learning.

Flag question: Question 9

Question 9 1.5 pts
Ms. Bilson leaves her teaching position in a school district and takes a job at a local for-profit educational company as a tutor. Since Ms. Bilson tutors many students in the district, she asks her former colleagues to e-mail student records to her for help in assessing the students. The teachers who are contacted by Ms. Bilson should do which of the following?
Group of answer choices

Encourage Ms. Bilson to contact the district office for guidance in this matter.

Ask the students’ parents for consent and then send the documents via e-mail.

Email Ms. Bilson all the documents required to best help the students.

Flag question: Question 10

Question 10 1.5 pts
Ms. Nikos and Mr. Kowalski, who are sixth-grade math teachers, are talking in the teachers’ lounge. Ms. Nikos tells Mr. Kowalski that she has come across a Web site that provides an online fractions calculator for users. Ms. Nikos mentions that she is thinking about using the site during class as a learning tool. Mr. Kowalski can best honor the principle of respecting intellectual property by reminding Ms. Nikos to check whether –
Group of answer choices

such free use of the Web site has been licensed by the site owner.

using calculators could impede students’ learning of core concepts.

the Web site displays ads that may be inappropriate for students.

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