Quiz: ProEthica: The Professional Educator and the Community

Question 1 1.5 pts
Mrs. LaPlace is an elementary school reading specialist. She notes that one of her students, Mrs. LaPlace is an elementary school reading specialist. She notes that one of her students, Jeff, shows several indicators of dyslexia but has not yet been tested for it. Mrs. LaPlace decides to discuss her concerns with someone. Discussing her concerns with which of the following people would most clearly put at risk the ethical principle of confidentiality?Jeff, shows several indicators of dyslexia but has not yet been tested for it. It would be most inappropriate for Mrs. LaPlace to inform which of the following persons of her concerns without having received explicit permission to do so?
Group of answer choices

Jeff’s best friend and classmate, Petula

The school psychological counselor

Jeff’s parents or guardians

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Question 2 1.5 pts
During the first week of school, students question their teacher, Mr. Chong, about a new administrator who has just joined the school. Which way of responding would best ensure that Mr. Chong acts in alignment with the ethical principles for professional educators?
Group of answer choices

Asking students about what they want to know and promising to approach the new administrator for answers.

Telling students everything Mr. Chong himself knows or has heard about the administrator.

Disclosing only public knowledge about the administrator.

Flag question: Question 3

Question 3 1.5 pts
Mr. Williams, a middle school vice principal, is one of the chaperones for a school dance. After all of the students have left, Mr. Williams invites the other chaperones to join him for a drink from his flask of liquor. Has Mr. Williams put at risk his ethical obligations as a professional educator?
Group of answer choices

No, because as long as teachers do not feel pressured to have a drink, there is no impropriety in offering one.

Yes, because it reflects badly on him as an educator to possess alcohol on school grounds even if no students are present.

No, because it is acceptable to drink alcohol when there are no students present.

Flag question: Question 4

Question 4 1.5 pts
Which of the following examples of tobacco use by a professional educator is most consistent with the obligation to maintain the integrity of the teaching profession?
Group of answer choices

Anne, a principal, keeps her cigarette case on her office desk but never smokes during the school day.

Marie, a school counselor, smokes a cigarette in the school parking lot during her lunch break.

Lydia, a teacher, smokes a cigarette in her car on the way home from school.

Flag question: Question 5

Question 5 1.5 pts
Ms. Sanchez, the high school dance team coach, attends a pre-competition gathering at a team member’s family’s house with other team members and their parents. At the gathering, the host parent offers Ms. Sanchez a glass of wine, and Ms. Sanchez accepts. Which of the following best practices for professional educators does Ms. Sanchez most clearly risk by drinking the wine?
Group of answer choices

Avoiding consuming alcohol at school-related events

Avoiding providing alcohol to students

Avoiding accepting expensive gifts from parents

Flag question: Question 6

Question 6 1.5 pts
Dr. Musk uses a bulletin board outside her high school classroom to post a spreadsheet with students’ grades. Dr. Musk’s bulletin board is designed to look like a news feed on a social media account of what is happening in the class. The spreadsheet includes students’ names, course grades to date, and scores on tests and assignments. Which of the following principles for professional educators does Dr. Musk most put at risk by posting this spreadsheet?
Group of answer choices

Professional educators should maintain student confidentiality.

Professional educators should avoid inappropriate relationships with students.

Professional educators should use school supplies for appropriate purposes.

Flag question: Question 7

Question 7 1.5 pts
Which of the following is the clearest example of a behavior that violates the public trust placed in teachers?
Group of answer choices

A teacher organizes an overnight class trip but cancels the trip after realizing that several students in the class may not be able to afford the trip.

A teacher’s request for school funds for art materials is refused, so the teacher abandons the project that required the art materials.

A teacher collects more money than expected for the senior class trip and decides to hold the extra money in a personal account to use for the next year’s senior trip.

Flag question: Question 8

Question 8 1.5 pts
Ms. Zu, a teacher, is watching a school football game with students and their parents. When the other team wins on a last-second score, she curses loudly. Which of the following professional principles does Ms. Zu’s behavior most clearly put at risk?
Group of answer choices

Maintaining transparency in actions and communications

Promoting the integrity of the profession

Avoiding conflicts of interest

Flag question: Question 9

Question 9 1.5 pts
A large affordable housing complex was recently built in the district in which Mr. Rami teaches and has dramatically increased the socioeconomic diversity of the district’s schools. Mr. Rami has been heard making numerous disparaging comments about the new student population. Which of the following professional principles is Mr. Rami most clearly compromising by making the comments described?
Group of answer choices

Promoting the integrity of the profession

Acting with transparency

Maintaining confidentiality

Flag question: Question 10

Question 10 1.5 pts
When preparing for a class field trip, a professional educator should make sure to keep records of all funds collected and expenditures made. The professional principle that most directly informs this best practice is the –
Group of answer choices

duty to maintain the security of confidential information about students.

obligation to maintain high standards of accuracy, honesty, and appropriate disclosure.

importance of maintaining an appropriate professional distance.

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