r office today,

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r office today,

Group Project #1

When you arrived in your office today, you were informed that a patient and the patient’s family need to see you regarding a sensitive and significant issue. You contact the family and arrange to meet them in 2 hours. You ask the staff if they have any idea of what may have happened, and no one has any knowledge of any problems.

At the appointed time, you meet with the patient, Mrs. Janice Lowery, and the patient’s family. They explain to you that the patient did not wish for anyone outside of the immediate family to know that she was in your facility. They had requested that no information be provided to anyone calling or requesting a room number.

However, it seems that one of your staff, Jane, had posted to social media that Mrs. Lowery was at the facility and doing well. Mrs. Lowery indicated that Jane was an acquaintance of her daughter. Jane had posted not only that Mrs. Lowery was doing well but had, without Mrs. Lowery’s knowledge taken a picture and posted that on the social media site.

The first part of the assignment is to describe the gathering of information and consideration of all factors. The second part of the assignment is to work as a team to identify an extremely specific plan of action.

You and you team must investigate a plan of action. Each person on the team should contribute to the following:

  1. Describe the documentation and information that you could gather to prepare for your conversation with Jane and ultimately with the Lowery family.
  2. Describe what documents you will need and discuss why they would be important.

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