Rasmussen Integrated Delivery Systems Will Dominate Managed Care Analysis

HSA 3109 Rasmussen Integrated Delivery Systems Will Dominate Managed Care Analysis

HSA 3109

Rasmussen College


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Choose a common myth associated with managed care. You may use one of the myths discussed in this week’s reading assignment, or come up with one on your own. Write a 2 page analysis on why you think this myth came about and why it still may be prevalent today. Explain to what degree the myth is based on facts, truths, and misunderstandings.

Summarize the evidence from research that counters or supports the premise of your myth. Conduct research in at least two sources, not including your textbook. Cite your sources using APA style guidelines.equirements

An original research paper with a body of 6-8 pages. In general, your paper should consist of the following pages:

Title Page – captivating title, your name, title of the course, date

Body – 6-8 pages of introduction, background on your topic, research support, personal evaluation, strong conclusion. Body should be organized with a minimum of the following titles

  • Introduction
  • Thesis or Position
  • Reasons
  • Objections
  • Support of Responses
  • Conclusion

References Cited page – in APA format.

Research and Writing Requirements include:

  1. Proper mechanics: clear, concise, complete sentences and paragraphs, proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. (See style handbooks recommended by your college’s Online Library, which you can access through the Resources tab.)
  2. Five or six sources for the paper from your research. Your textbook is a good resource. Internet resources should be reliable as at a university or government website. Please use one or two sources as available from your college’s Online Library. Use statements and ideas that you have come up with on your own and blend these in with your research. Do not plagiarize. If you want to use actual words from a source, put them in quotation marks with the source.

Follow APA format for citing your sources. For APA guidelines, go to your college’s online library which you can access through the Resources tab.

Choose a current issue, technology, or other concept dealing with managed care. Below are approved main topics that you can select from. You may choose these as main topics/category but be more specific with actual topic. For example, if the main topic is necessity of disease management programs, your focus/argument may be that disease management programs increase the health of the overall population.

  • Influence of pay-for-performance programs
  • Necessity of disease management programs
  • Influence of electronic prescribing on quality healthcare services
  • Disease prevention with aging population
  • Accreditation and performance measurement
  • Use of personal and electronic health records
  • Obesity and utilization of managed care
  • Obesity and food sources
  • Technology and transmission of health information
  • Technology and privacy of health information
  • Universal healthcare and healthcare costs
  • Social media and health education

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