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Brian Czech (Jul 30, 2020 2:16 PM) – Read by: 1 Mark as ReadReply to This Message Reply Before diving into the 14 CFR Part 139, it is important to get a basic understanding of the particulars. Part 139 requires the Federal Aviation Association to issue airports operations certificates to airports that conduct the following activities: Serve scheduled and unscheduled air carrier aircraft with more than 30 seats; Serve scheduled air carrier operations in aircraft with more than 9 seats but less than 31 seats; and The FAA Administrator requires to have a certificate. This certificates do much more than sit in a binder somewhere. They serve to ensure the safety of all those who’re apart of the airport, be it pilots, crew members, passengers and all airport ground crew are kept safe and working in a safe environment. In order to receive these certificates, airports must come to an agreement with regards to how the operational and safety standards are put forth, and how they work, to include airfield fire rescue. The FAA Inspectors conduct all sorts of things from records inspections, briefings with airport management personnel, fueling inspections, night time operations inspections and many other things which keep people safe and the airports operating efficiently. Should the FAA inspectors find any issues or violations with are contradictory to the 14 CFR Part 139, they will are forced by law to enact administration. Along with that, they can impose fines, for each day the violation is still active. However, in extreme cases – blatant disregard for human life for example – the FAA inspectors can revoke an airfields certificate which limits aircraft landing and taking off.

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