reasonable management plan.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Report for each page ill attach in the assignment. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Individual analysis of the five components will demonstrate how they compare and contrast to assist in the delivery of a reasonable management plan.

The Project Charter begins by identifying the project and its associated sponsor, manager, and customer. This document states that the need for a new IT Department is justified due to the need for a unit independent from hospital management to be implemented as a hospital support system, with a focus on infrastructure. The project will be completed in phases related to hiring and developmental milestones (among other factors) and is expected to meet certain high-level requirements (some of which are addressed by the additional documents in this report).

The planned project has a fixed budget of 8 million Dhs, as determined by the sponsor. Monthly spending reports are required and all extra expenses must first be cleared by a designated authority. Risks are noted including possible delays in the hospital building process, delay in budget delivery, and physical space changes.

Six summary milestones and deadlines for the completion of each are established, as well as several project objectives (including those related to scope, time, cost, and quality. Objectives were also given criteria for completion, and were listed alongside the name of the person who has authority of approval. The Charter concludes by outlining the level of authority maintained by the project manager under various circumstances. Some of the described situations are staffing involvement and conflict resolution.

The WBS Dictionary for this project is a work package that is related to the advertising of open positions within the new IT department. The document presents information that was gained through efforts by people throughout different departments like IT, finance, and marketing.

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