Reflection 1: Ability Awareness

  • What was your initial reaction when you saw Tyler?


  • When you met the real Tyler?


  • How do you think or feel when you see a child or an adult with an obvious physical disability?


  • How do you think Tyler was able to be so successful in life?


  • How does it make you feel when Tyler describes all the people in his life who support him in reaching his full potential?


  • How do you think you, as an early childhood educator, play a role in supporting or discouraging children with disabilities?


  • Tyler wants people to see him as Tyler first, then his disability. How do you think this way of thinking has helped Tyler and other children who have disabilities?


  • What do you think about children like Tyler going to a typical school and participating in typical activities such as Boy Scouts, etc.?


  • How do you think parents of other children in Tyler’s classes feel about him?


  • What biases or fears do you bring to the table when working with children with disabilities? What will you do to address these?


  • What questions do you have or what do you think you need to learn to be able to work effectively with families who have a child with a disability

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