Reflection Paper Assignment Instructions


The importance of the Reflection Paper Assignment is to show an understanding of the Seigel and Bryson text, The Whole Brain Child. It is important to understand brain integration on all levels, including the wheel of awareness, mindsight, memory integration, and attachment in children. The writing of this paper will give you an opportunity to reflect on the text, digest the information presented, explain what is practical about the text, as well as reflect on how you will personally use the information in the future. This will be a skill very important to learn, as you continue to read professional books and relate them to your academic experience and career for further knowledge and experience.


Write a 500–750-word personal Reflection Paper Assignment on childhood brain integration based on the Siegel & Bryson textbook The Whole-Brain Child. Discuss how your new understanding of brain development might influence or change the way you would counsel a child. Give some personal thoughts about how this book brought insight into understanding how a child behaves, thinks, and processes information and how to integrate these concepts into counseling (or raising) children.

This is a personal Reflection Paper Assignment; therefore, first-person writing (the use of “I”) is acceptable. However, you must include at least 3–4 citations within the paper to support the ideas that you have learned from the Siegel & Bryson textbook. These should come directly from the Seigel and Bryson book, in the form of a paraphrase or direct quote.

Include the following in the Reflection Paper Assignment:

  1. Include a title page in proper current APA format
  2. Write a personal reflection paper as outlined above with 3–4 citations included.
  3. Provide a reference page with the Siegel & Bryson textbook as the source.


Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.





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