Researching Supplies and Products

Researching Supplies and Products

Research dental supply houses and view the online catalog from four dealers. You can find dental suppliers by initiating a web search. Browse through the websites and compare the available products. Choose five items that are available through all companies (they do not have to be the same brand since most companies have their own branding) and write a brief essay explaining the differences in cost. Which company would you use for ordering if you were the inventory manager in a dental clinic? Would there be a benefit to using more that one company?

Note: This assignment must be completed in one sitting. It is recommended that you type the assignment in another word processing program and then copy the text into the Submission window. You can then edit further in the Submission window if you wish. There are no maximum or minimum words required, nor do you have to use any special format. This assignment is not timed. Once you submit your assignment, your facilitator will be notified and assign your grade. If you have any questions, contact your facilitator.

To submit your work for grading, click New Submission. Under Upload Your Work, drag your file into the window or click in the window to select a file from your computer. Once your file is uploaded, press the Submit button.

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