Resource Document:

Resource Doc

WEA-BLOG Resource Document: Choose one of the topics from chapter 7 to create a short resource document (approximately 1-page, 15 points). These topics include smoking, alcohol, medication use, injury prevention, and sleep. Write the document to the audience of lay older American adults. The article needs to be written and presented as it would appear in a magazine for older adults.  Organize it as follows:

  1. Define the topic or nature of the problem and/or provide background information including statistics (3 points).
  2. Risks or health implications associated with the problem (3 points).
  3. Tips to overcome the problem or risk for the problem (3 points).
  4. Resources (about 5 credible websites) to learn more about the problem. Use the resources provided in chapter 9. You can also search for credible resources targeted toward older adults by using keywords in a Google search such as medication use and older adult and .gov. Create a reference list and cite all your facts using APA 5.0 format. This is the WEA portion of this assignment (3 points).

Write your document using MS Word (or equivalent). Create a comment on the WEA-9 BLOG discussion board. In the subject heading, state your topic. Click on the Html creator (requires java). Copy your content (control C) and then paste (control V) into the text box. Reformat the content if needed. Then save your post.


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