respond summary

respond summary

Hi Yahima and thank you for your great explanation of how your Chamberlain ER project addresses cultural issues. In real life, I hope that you’ll remember this discussion and make culture a part of your planning process.

Let’s have you shift roles for a little more application. This is the same scenario I posed to another student and I think it’s a good application scenario for this topic.

Let’s imagine that you are the nurse manager of our Chamberlain ER and I’m one of your staff nurses. I’m assigned to a young woman who practices the Muslim faith and is of Middle Eastern ethnicity. She presented with severe abdominal pain. I come to you and tell you that the patient is very reluctant to answer any of my questions and she doesn’t want me to examine her. In the practice of cultural humility and cultural competent care, how would you handle that situation and why?

I look forward to you thoughts, and those of anyone who reads this and would also like to respond as the nurse manager.

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