responsibilities of community

Both reply are about the responsibilities of community and public health nurses in promoting health and decreasing illness and injury in populations, families, and individuals


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I agree with your assessment on sexual health in the community. Become knowledgeable about the community in terms of its economic conditions, political structures, norms and values, demographic trends, history, and experience with engagement efforts, learn about the community’s perceptions of those initiating the engagement activities (lancaster, 2016) Once upon a time a long long long long time ago, I was a young lad who frequented the health clinic at my college and partook in those free condoms. Without it I might have been a father when I wasn’t ready or even caught a disease. These clinic are the only place for some people to obtain information or seek advice. I was lucky to have chosen to study and had a place to find resources. A lot of people I knew weren’t and had unexpected children at a very young age.


Public health nurses promote health by providing patient education to manage and improve health. For example, a nurse who is treating an overweight patient can educate the patient about how to control blood sugar levels. The nurse working in a pediatric clinic can promote health during a baby’s wellness visit by talking to the parent about upcoming vaccinations.

Preventative care decreases illness and injury in populations, families and individuals. Primary prevention involves developing strategies to prevent risk factors that leads to unhealthy behaviors. Public health nurses do preventative care by identifying patients who have certain risk factors for specific diseases such as heart disease.


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