Subject/Central Theme Assignment Instructions

Use Secrets of Dynamic Communication, The Bible Story Handbook, and SCORRE Lesson Worksheet 1 to identify a subject and central theme for 5 potential lessons. Using The Bible Story Handbook as a guide, select 2 Old Testament texts and 3 New Testament texts in order to identify the subject and central theme of these 5 passages. These 5 passages will form the basis for the rest of the assignments in this course.


Note: The Walton & Walton “Selected Readings” for this module/week are determined by the 5 passages you have chosen as the basis for your SCORRE assignments.


Step 1: Skim through The Bible Story Handbook and identify 2 Old Testament and 3 New Testament stories that you would like to study in order to develop a teaching lesson for each one.


Step 2: Read and study through the passages of Scripture that relate to each of your 5 selections. You are encouraged to take notes on each passage of Scripture as you methodically study the passage.


Step 3: Using the provided worksheet template and consulting the material in Secrets of Dynamic Communication, identify the subject and central theme for each of these 5 Bible lessons.


Step 4: Be sure that your subject and central theme fit the proper context of the passage. One reason to do a methodical study of the passage is to ensure that you are properly interpreting the passage before you teach on it.


Your assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 1.


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