Rationale Assignment Instructions

Use Secrets of Dynamic Communication, The Bible Story Handbook, and SCORRE Lesson Worksheet 3 to formulate the rationale, resources, and evaluation for each of the 5 potential lessons you are developing in this course.


Note: The Walton & Walton “Selected Readings” for this module/week are determined by the 5 passages you have chosen as the basis for your SCORRE assignments.


Step 1: Read through the passages of Scripture that relate to each of your 5 selections. Continue to develop your methodical study of each passage.


Step 2: Gather the provided worksheet template; your previous material on subject, central theme, and objective; and the textbook Secrets of Dynamic Communication. Use these resources to complete the provided template for each of your 5 lessons. Each template must demonstrate your understanding of how to formulate the rationale, identify resources, and conduct an evaluation of each of the 5 lessons. As you did with the last SCORRE assignment, include the previously submitted material from the SCORRE assignments. Thus, the rationale assignment should include the subject, central theme, and objective, in addition to the new material (rationale, resources, and evaluation).


Each completed template must be clearly connected to the underlying Scripture, move the lesson further along, and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of each component of the SCORRE method. Thus, the rationale, resources, and evaluation all model the material and examples provided in the textbook.


Your assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 3.


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