Identify and discuss the three primary ethical principles articulated in the Belmont Report on which the standards of ethical conduct in research are based, and analyze those procedures that every researcher must incorporate to comply with said principles. Each student must expose the information obtained from the search for it.

this is an assignment that must be 2 pages long with 15% or less of plagiarism MUST BE 15% OR LESS WILL DISPUTE AND REVIEW IF IS NOT LESS THAN 15%

o Typed according to APA style for margins 7 edition, formatting and spacing

standards. Please include RUNNING HEAD ON THE PAPER

o Would need an Abstract. Good 5 reference page format, References no more

than 5 year old.

o After submission, a rating of 0-15% similarity will be considered acceptable. Over

15% will not be considered acceptable.

o NOTE:  Wikipedia is not a source to be used in any of the generated work; using it

will result in a “zero” for the assignment.

o I need that you sent me also the plagiarism report.

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