New Perspectives Excel 2016 Module 4: SAM Project 1b

Rosella Hunter is the founder of Calorie Courier, a food-delivery service focusing on meals produced with locally-sourced ingredients. Rosella wants to expand her business and wants to pull her company’s financial information together before proposing her idea to her business partners.
Rosella wants a chart representing the distribution of average number of monthly meal orders made by customers in 2024, so she can better understand her customers. Switch to the 2024 Average Monthly Order worksheet. Select the range A4:B230 and create a Histogram chart. (Hint: Use the Name box to select the range.) Modify the chart as described below:
a. Resize and reposition the chart so that the upper-left corner is located within cell D2 and the lower-right corner is located within cell L21.
b. Enter Average Monthly Orders in 2024 as the title of the chart.
c. Modify the bins used in the chart by setting the Bin Width axis option to 5.

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