same values as the firm

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Before responding to this discussion, make sure you’ve completed the Checklist for Attitudes About Patients and Families as Advisors from the lesson.

1. In your first post, answer the following:


  • As a leader, how important is it that people hired have the same values as the firm? Could there be a situation where this matters or not? Explain.
  • Examine Table 11.1, 11.2 and 11.3. Describe two points from the textbook that you believe ties back to a particular point or two on the Checklist for Attitudes. Explain.
  • Explain why this checklist information pertaining to patients and families is important to apply.
  • If you were a patient in a facility, relate why this checklist information would be relevant to you.
  • If you were a family member who had a patient in the facility, describe why the checklist for a health care professional would be important to you.
  • How do we as health care leaders model collaboration with patients and their families?

2. In your second and third posts, reply to at least two other student posts, and provide an example to support one point. Compare your attitudes to those of your classmates. Have you changed your thinking from other’s posts – why or why not?

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