Week 3 Discussion-SCI120SC

Traditional thinking views a problem in isolated parts, each part as linear having a cause and effect that is managed. Systems thinking recognizes that a complex system managed in the traditional way will result in unintended consequences and enhance complexity instead of resolving the problem.

  • Provide an example of a problem in any context, i.e. environmental, social, educational, or financial.
  • Explain the problem in a traditional approach with a linear cause and effect as well as how it can be resolved.
  • Then put the problem into a system thinking approach in which the same solution to the problem can cause additional consequences or increase the complexity of the problem and how these must be considered before implementing a solution.
Course Textbook:
Marten, Gerald J. Human Ecology: Basic Concepts for Sustainable Development. Routledge, 2001. Print. ISBN# 9781853837135

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