Seamlessly Monitors

Read the End of Chapter 7 Application Case titled, “BBVA Seamlessly Monitors and Improves its Online Reputation,” located in the textbook.

Write five (5) page paper in which you:

  1. Examine the business drivers for monitoring and improving BBVA’s online reputation.
  2. Explain how BBVA implemented their text mining solution.
  3. Explain the challenges BBVA encountered and how they overcame them using text mining and social media analysis.
  4. Recommend other areas, in your opinion, where BBVA could use text mining and explain your reasons.
  5. Use at least three quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • This course requires use of new Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). The format is different from other Strayer University courses. Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details.
  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow SWS or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Explain the role of text mining and Web mining as they relate to BI and DSS.
  • Write clearly and concisely about text mining topics using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions..
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