six months ago

Mary Bowman, a new client comes to your law office and was in a car accident six months ago. She was in a T-Bone crash in which she was proceeding through a green light when a car from the side direction went through a red light and hit the side of Mary’s car. Mary was taken to the hospital via an ambulance and was in the hospital for one week due to internal injuries, broken arm and a broken leg. She is still pretty shaken up and has not been back to work. Mary is a teacher and did not have any sick time stored up to cover lost wages. Medical professionals have determined that she will have a permanent limp due to the injury to her leg. She will need rehabilitation services for quite a while to help her move her arm properly. The insurance company has determined that Mary’s car was totaled due to the accident.

Part I – You are the paralegal in this case. In a two-page memorandum to your attorney, Jane Smart, outline the possible damages that Mary might seek in a lawsuit.

Part II – The person that hit Mary’s car has gone to an attorney to help him through this case. This person’s attorney sent Jane Smart a Request for Production of Documents. Download and use this sample document, prepare a Request for Production of Documents for documents that the attorney will need to view for this case.


For assistance on completing this assignment, refer to How do I create a legal memo?

For citation and reference assistance, refer to Bluebooking using the Indigo Book

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