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part 1

Project Selection Methods [WLO: 1] [CLOs: 1, 2]

Your textbook identifies several methods for selecting projects.  As the new CIO for a small company, you discover two major items that have been neglected:

  • Outdated ERP System: Your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is still running on Server 2003, which is an unsupported operating system. Since the ERP system houses all critical corporate data (from human resources to vendor management), this poses a major security risk.
  • Lack of Off-Site Disaster Recovery: While the company has upgraded its data backup methods, all data is still being stored on-site, with no off-site redundancy or backup. Since your office is in an area that is frequently threatened by hurricanes, this poses a major business continuity risk.

Unfortunately, your team will not be able to address both issues at the same time, as each is a fairly significant and resource-intensive project.

Select one method for selecting projects out of your textbook, and explain how it could be applied to help you make a decision between these two critical projects. Then, use that method to select one of the two projects. Must be a minimum of 200 words, and be supported by at least one professional or academic source.

Part 2:

Before you begin this Team Discussion, review the Project Management Institute’s Code of Ethics (Links to an external site.).

Then, using the concepts from the PMI code of ethics, discuss some of the ethical issues that a project manager may face while performing his or her daily responsibilities. Each team member should provide one unique example. Must be a minimum of 200 words and be supported by at least one professional or academic source.



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