Assignment 3b: Threats to the Global Environment Counterargument

Assignment 3b: Threats to the Global Environment Counterargument (110 points)

The members of the United Nations are impressed by your presentation. The information you provided has led to productive debates, and there are now questions about prioritizing the issues at hand. Some of the countries are challenging your recommendations and questioning your reasons for not including certain other issues they believe are priority.

There are four remaining threats in the list of major global issues that you did not write about in assignment 3a, so now select two that you chose not to write about in that assignment.  Defend your reasons for considering why you believe these two topics pose less serious global environmental threats than the four you covered in your PowerPoint presentation.

1. For each of these two threats, write at least one full page that explains why they are less of a priority to the global environment than the four you selected for assignment 3a.

2. Support each of your counterarguments with at least three valid reasons that argue why they do not constitute serious environmental threats.

3. Each counterargument should include:

  • an opening statement describing the perception of threat;
  • three key points arguing against the credibility of it being a threat; and
  • a conclusion

4. Please cite a minimum of three credible references for the entire assignment.

5. For a brief list of resources, see the end of the course guide.



The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is to:

  • Examine the factors that account for why the growth in the world’s population can negatively affect global society.

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