socially distance

  1. What is behavior?
  2. Do animals socially distance? What is the what, why, where, who of animals AND non-animals in terms of Social distance?
  3. Name 6 things that make an animal, when did they arrive, what are exceptions to this, what do they mean? Start with choanaflagellates.
  4. What is the real driver (or cause of evolution) of nervous system expansion in animals? What are some hallmarks your professor discussed and why? What animals exhibit these and what don’t?
  5. Are animals conscious? This is a complex question and a complex answer. Specifically, in terms of learning and self-representation, what did your professor say?
  6. Parking on campus is a drag. Even if you don’t park, you commute to class somehow (even walking from your dorm).Using your morning commute to class back when classes met, give examples of the following Pavlovian terms: US, CS, UR,CR, Latency, Extinction, Spontaneous Recovery, Generalization. In other works, use your day getting to class as examples of each term so I know that you know them.
  7. According to the reading, what is the relationship between Darwin and Mendel? Why should you care about these old dead scientists in an Animal Behavior class? That is, what to Darwin and Mendel have to do with Animal Behavior?

Each answer is to be 300 words at a minimum and not of fluff. since there 7 question the total should not be less than 2100

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