specific neurological issue

1. submit a 6-8 page paper, written in current APA format using excellent grammar, spelling and syntax, and include 4-5 scientific peer reviewed resources including the text written within the past five years. Paper will consist of title page/6-8 content pages/reference page(s).

2.  Content of the paper will include:

a.  Description of specific neurological issue/ mental health issue

b.  Neurophysiology/pathophysiology

c.  Typical clinical presentation.

d.  Screening and diagnostic methods.

e.  Evaluation, treatment and management plans.

f.  Teaching/health promotion /follow-ups and referrals.

g.  Risks to patient and society for non-compliance with treatment, if applicable.

h.  Role of the Advanced Practice Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

i.  Christian Worldview.

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