St. Martha’s General Hospital Scenario.

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For this discussion thread, you will use the St. Martha’s General Hospital Scenario. After reviewing the scenarios and reviewing the professions that you learned about this week, discuss some ways in which an interprofessional education could be of benefit to St. Martha’s hospital. Discuss the facts from the scenario that lead you to believe St. Martha’s Hospital lacks interprofessional education. Then, discuss some ideas on how such knowledge could be relayed to the staff. Finally, discuss the benefits of such knowledge for employees such as those at St. Martha’s.

Please cite APA 7th edition.


The scenario is about two nurses, Bobby and Tom, who are often sitting in the break room or nurses’ station and playing football games during work hours. In the meantime, patients are complaining because the nurses take too long. They give nursing assistants their log in information and ask them to check their patients “estimated” vital signs every hour and give the patients medications. Tom and Bobby know which assistant will help and which ones won’t. Nursing assistants are worrying that they can get in trouble because of Tom and Bobby’s behavior. In this scenario, two nurses Tom and Bobby were being negligent towards their patients. Instead of helping their patients, they were spending their work hours in the break room playing games and at times, drinking alcohol. They would also have the nursing assistants log in on their behalf to show as if they were the ones that were working, when in reality, the assistants were doing all of the work. Lastly, Tom and Bobby would make fun of their patients, saying crude jokes and laughing at them.

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