Standing Operating Procedures

Assignment Content

  1. Playbooks, sometimes known as Standing Operating Procedures (SOP) or runbooks, are used for troubleshooting common issues. They are often created by a team of employees who are trained to manage security issues. Playbooks often include bulleted lists, step-by-step instructions, and/or diagrams; all of which make it easy to follow troubleshooting instructions.Throughout the next four weeks, you will develop a playbook for a fictional company that hired you to write their playbooks and manage the team. The first portion of the playbook is a response to malware at the company.

    Outline a 2- to 3-page playbook in which a malware attack of your choice occurs.

    Include the following information:

    • Details of the malware
    • The exploited vulnerability and its attack vector
    • Two risks of this malware
    • Step-by-step instructions on how to resolve the malware attack
    • Note: Numbered or bulleted steps/guidelines make the document easy to for others to follow under potential stressful situations. Paragraphs can be used to help support the steps/guidelines.Cite at least two resources within the assignment in APA format.

      Submit your assignment.

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