Read the article attached and answer the following questions in 5 paragraphs. APA style.

Rosen begins her article by stating: “The average person sees tens of thousands of images in the course of a day.” Over the course of one day, keep a list of the places where you encounter images. Rosen mentions various places where people often encounter images, such as online and in apps, on television, in print publications, on products, and out in the physical world on billboards or buses or buildings. Throughout the day, save or take a photo of various images that you find particularly notable, thought-provoking, attractive or unattractive, or memorable in some way. Choose two images and write about them. Where did you encounter each one? Who created each image? Do you trust that source (to pick up on Rosen’s questions about whether we can trust what we see), and do you think the image is a genuine representation of whatever is being pictured? How is each image typical or not typical of your daily experience of visual culture?

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