study of nutrition

Directions: the study of nutrition is very versatile and is important for a variety of careers and settings, from a dietitian to a chef to a microbiologist. For your assignment, you will be researching ONE type of nutrition or food science [profession. Some options are listed below. You can use the following website for a quick overview of the various professions:


-Agricultural and food scientist

-Agricultural Engineers

-Agricultural Workers


-Biological Technicians


-Chef and head cook

-Delivery food truck drivers

-Quality control inspectors




-Food service mamanger

-Food and beverage service

-Waiters and waitress

After researching a nutrition career of your choice, create a brochure to inform others about this career. Be sure to write things in your own words and include the following information on your brochure.

1. Name of nutrition profession (2 pt)

2. Detailed description of the profession (6pts)

3. At least 2 graphics or images related to the profession (2 pt)

4.  Career settings: in what type of setting or multiple settings might an individual in this career work? (ex: a hospital, a school, private practice, a restaurant, a lab, etc) list all that apply (3pts)

5. What education and/or certification requirements are there for this career? (2 pts)

6. What is the average yearly salary for this profession? (2pts)

7. What are the 3-4 advantages of working in this career? (4pts)

8. List 2-3 websites or additional sources someone might visit to learn more information about this career (4pts)

-Butchers and meat cutters

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