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 For this clinical assignment read the following case study and answer the questions that follow. The questions should be written in paper format and should include at least two references, the paper should be written in APA format. Please follow the grading rubric attached to attain all points. Case Study: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)Mr. Smith is a 65-year old businessman. He is a chain smoker for more than 40 years and had indulged in the lifestyle of the rich since he became a successful businessman at the age of 35. Now in his 60s, he is experiencing the consequences of thesedentary lifestylehe once lived. He has frequent trips to the bathroom at night and even at day. He sometimes could not contain the urges to urinate. And lately, he noticedthat hisurinestream is going weak and dribbles. He consulted a urologist and he was diagnosed withbenign prostatic hyperplasia.

1.Describe the pathophysiology of BPH.


2.What symptom would the patient present with. Explain what is cause of the symptomsbased on the pathophysiology.

3.What physical examination would be performed?

4.What are the diagnostic tests would be used to evaluate the prostate gland?

5.What medications are used to manage BPH? What are potential side effects? What is the nursing implementation?

6.Describe the surgical procedure of a TURP.

7.What is CBI used after a TURP? Describe the care for the patient.  This should include general care as well as directly related to the CBI. Be sure to address pain-bladder spasm related to the CBI.


8.What would be discharge instructions.

9.References-please use APA formatting

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