Your Research Project on the surveillance state consists of two parts:

1 a Powerpoint presentation consisting of at least 12 slides not including title and references.

2. 750 word research  paper with at least 3 sources.

You must include at least 3 quotes from your sources enclosed in quotation marks and cited in-line.

There should be no lists – bulleted, numbered or otherwise.

Write in essay format with coherent paragraphs not in outline format.

Do your own work. Zero points will be awarded if you copy other’s work and do not cite your source or you use word replacement software.

The topic must be appropriate for graduate level. Find a topic that we covered in the course and dig deeper or find something that will help you in your work or in a subject area of interest related to the course topic. Use academically appropriate resources which you can find in the Danforth Library Research Databases.

Topic :(Identity Theft in internet)


Bernal, P. (2016). Data gathering, surveillance and human rights: recasting the debate. Journal of Cyber Policy1(2), 243-264.

Bernal in this journal attempts to determine how surveillance affects human rights which has raised a lot of concerns of late among many workers. Looking at how surveillance has gained a lot of significance in many companies, most people have raised concerns regarding how this technology denies them their privacy. The author determines the various issues raised by gathering data from different organizations and determining the way they respond to this issue. He goes on to summarize the various issues and how they can be mitigated.

This resource is important as it will allow me develop a strong thesis statement and at the same time develop a good discussion. The resource will provide a good insight on how surveillance impacts on people’s privacy and the way they respond to the situation. Drawing from this resource I will be able to acquire a convincing study which will allow readers to clearly understand how different people think and respond to the situation.

Gangadharan, S. P. (2017). The downside of digital inclusion: Expectations and experiences of        privacy and surveillance among marginal Internet users. New Media & Society19(4),          597-615.

The author of this article draws his study as a fully-published analyst, and also as a close research concerning how the inclusion of digital technology relate to individual privacy, to determine how it impacts, explain the way it affects people’s privacy, who are affected more, implication’s on persons and how it can be controlled. The author goes on to denote significant assumptions supporting the notion that this situation has raised concern and it should be addressed.

Thus, by using this resource I will be able to develop my paper majoring on the implications of surveillance technology to workers and other individuals. The author of this article has also applied other resources which will be supportive in developing my paper and my thesis statement while also creating a very strong discussion for my paper.

Nyst, C., & Falchetta, T. (2017). The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age. Journal of Human          Rights Practice9(1), 104-118.

The authors of this journal have employed different techniques as they attempt to portray how digital age has impacted on the lives of different people. They draw their discussion basing on how surveillance has received negative acceptance from many people showing the various benefits and disadvantages of surveillance technology. They summarize their work by indicating how this technology can be transformed for the best of our lives. They also show why we need to embrace this technology and the way to go about it.

This resource is important as it will allow me develop my research study as it will provide me with a clear image of how people should respond to installation of surveillance devices and the measures which are supposed to be taken. The resource will allow me develop a powerful discussion and thesis statement and clear definition of the way surveillance technology impacts on peoples’ privacy and association at their place of work.

Perry, S., & Roda, C. (2017). User Privacy in a World of Digital Surveillance. In Human Rights           and Digital Technology (pp. 63-93). Palgrave Macmillan, London.

Using data from In Human Rights and Digital Technology, the authors tries to relate how surveillance technology interferes with the privacy of the user. The authors have employed other articles to support their discussion and thesis statement while at the same time proving their points. The authors take into consideration the behaviors of the affected people before the installation of surveillance devices and after. They analyze the way these individuals respond to these devices and what measures need to be taken.

By using the information from this source, I will be able to acquire detailed information concerning different factors related to surveillance technology. The information gatherer on this resource will help me develop a strong and powerful discussion which will prove my thesis statement and hypothesis. It will also help me get insightful understanding of the way this situation has been addressed before and this will allow me to establish a concise paper.

West, S. M. (2019). Data capitalism: Redefining the logics of surveillance and privacy. Business & society58(1), 20-41.

The author of this article has tries to develop a strong discussion by indicating the way surveillance technology impacts on individual’s privacy. The author attempts to draw a clear picture of how surveillance has impacted on the privacy of people and at the same time showing the way people need to respond to this issue. Using different resources, the author has supported his argument to show how various people feel about this technology. It also shows the way various people think the situation should be addressed.

This article will help me develop a strong thesis statement, strong discussion by providing important information which will allow me support my discussion. The information in this resource will help me address this concern and at the same time support my hypothesis. Using this information I can argue my course to show how surveillance technology impacts on different individuals and the different ways which should be used to educate people on the importance of surveillance technology.

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