syllabus template

Your goal with this assignment is to complete a syllabus for the course you have been working on that incorporates the lesson you developed in the last topic. Each institution will have their own syllabus template for you to work on with the curricular design team. For the purposes of this assignment, you will use the GCU syllabus template for a course that has eight topics. It is up to you whether you want this course to be delivered in a traditional, online, or hybrid setting.

Your completed syllabus should include:

1.  Course title, description, and textbook
2.  Two or three competencies from the program design this course will meet
3.  Eight topics, with each topic having

  • One or two measurable objectives aligned to academic standards.
  • Suggested readings from textbook and other sources (include links to articles or websites you would like them to review)
  • Description of the assignment, activity, or assessment (you will make use of the two formative and one summative assessment you created)
  • One or two discussion questions for the students to answer either face to face or online

4.  Grading Scale and point allocation for assignments.

5.  Two Formative Assessments, aligned to the topic level objectives (these should be described in the topics and attached to the end of the syllabus).

6.  One Summative Assessment, aligned to the program level competencies (this should be described in the topic and attached to the end of the syllabus).

Write a 200-300-word analysis on the collaborative process of developing curriculum.

Submit your analysis and completed syllabus with all attachments as one deliverable to your instructor.

  • attachment


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