Team Mini Lecture Assignment

Team Mini Lecture Assignment – Due in Assigned Week by Team

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One Mini Lecture Created By Each Team

I have placed this assignment in multiple weeks to give you ample warning it is coming…

Each team will create a 10 -15 slide topic presentation.

  • The topic of the week will need to be researched to give as much information as possible.
  • Remember that you are teaching your fellow students. Please be respectful and professional. If you choose to be creative and humorous, please also be respectful of the topic and your classmates worldview and culture(s). Choose imagery wisely.
  • Include a last slide of the Reference for your presentation.

I have included some samples of great presentations from past classes in the specific team instruction pages.  Use them as jumping off points but do not plagiarize!


Presentation file submitted in the Week assigned by the TEAM LEADER ONLY.

Team E – Week 7 Topic – Troubleshooting Windows OS (hint – forensics)

theses are examples you can follow to do the presentation

Powershell TeamA-IT210W14.ppt



Powershell TeamA-IT210W14.ppt

What is Powershell.pptx

Virus & Exploits.pptx

Viruses and Exploitations F.pptx

Virus and Exploits B.pptx

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