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Using the tables in the template linked below, compile an annotated list of essential resources/tools from this course that you believe are useful to becoming an effective leader in your field.

Reflect back on the lessons, assignments and discussions from previous weeks.

  1. Choose 7 topics from the list that are exceptionally relevant to your interests, current position or future position.
  2. In the second column next to the topic chosen, list one or more resources for the given topic that were especially meaningful or pertinent. A hyperlinkLinks to an external site. to the resource (if web-based) would be useful.
  3. In the third column, briefly discuss these ideas, skill sets, research instruments, websites, etc. Why do YOU feel these are necessary to have as ‘tools’ for effective leadership as a health professional?

The purpose of this assignment is to curate a collection of leadership resources you can refer to as you begin your career in the health field. Please include relevant examples from each week of our course.


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