The Role of Self-Efficacy

 Now, place the same information in a proper Chicago Style Bibliography Entry organized in the proper order. Pretend that you are preparing a proper Bibliography Entry and you must place the information provided below in the form of a proper entry that might be found on a paper in the form of the Bibliographic Entry. Maybe, this will help you see the difference in the two.

The link for the article to cite is as follows: (Links to an external site.)

In case the link does not open for some reason, the information to use for citing is as follows:

Procrastination in College Students: The Role of Self-Efficacy and Anxiety.

Authors: Haycock, Laurel A.
McCarthy, Patricia
Skay, Carol L.

Source:Journal of Counseling & Development. Summer98, Vol. 76 Issue 3, p317. 8p. 2 Charts.

Document Type:Article

Now, take all this together and place in proper format and order, only this time in Chicago and not APA for this entry.

You need the label References at the top of your document and then simply document the information as though you would in an actual paper for a source formatted on the Bibliography Page in Chicago as an entry.

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