The Value of Ethics

The Value of Ethics

At the end of the content for Week 1, hopefully you are beginning to see the challenges that come with serious societal problems. Pandemics may be one of the most challenging as the stakes are high from health (literally life and death), economic, and societal structure aspects. It seems reasonable to say we need decision-making help. That help may come from the passage of laws, or it may come from ethical principles that require us to examine issues from different perspectives. Review the readings for chapter 1.

Explore the value of ethical principles.

Include the following aspects in the assignment:

·         Define ethics in your own words

·         Do we need ethics? Why or why not?

·         HThe Value of Ethicsow do you, personally, determine what is right or wrong?

·         Are you willing to consider ethics in your decision-making process?

·         Write a paragraph minimally for each bullet.

·         References, except the text, are not needed. Use proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling at all times. Use your own words. Copying and pasting is not allowed.

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