Theory of Human Caring

  • Post your original discussion  response to all of the topics below
  • Must be written using APA Style citations for any work that is cited in your response

Select one of the following Nursing Caring Theory:

  1. Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring (10 Caritas)
  2. Joanne Duffy’s Quality-Caring Model
  3. Marilyn Anne Ray’s Theory of Bureaucratic Caring
  4. Anne Boykin and Savina O.  SChoenhofer’s Nursing as Caring
  5. Josephine Paterson & Loretta  Zderad Humanistic Caring
  6. Madeleine Leininger’s Theory of Culture CareFor the discussion post:


  1. Summarize the caring theory.
  2. How does this caring theory align with  the core values of Holistic Nursing practice?
  3. Describe a personal encounter with a  patient and/or family member(s) in which you could have incorporated the  nursing caring theory and core values of Holistic Nursing practice.

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