Thesis Statement:


The outline should be simple and readable to show each section of the paper and the topic to be covered.  The following are things to consider with completing the outline:

What to consider in the Outline:

What is the topic?

Why is it significant?

What background material is relevant?

What is my thesis or purpose statement?

What organizational plan will best support my purpose?

Full Sentence Outline:

The full sentence outline format is essentially the same as the alphanumeric outline. The main difference (as the title suggests) is that full sentences are required at each level of the outline. This outline is most often used when preparing a traditional essay.

Example of the Full Sentence Outline Structure:

Thesis Statement:

Question(s)/Issues Begin Addressed:


Man-made pollution is the primary cause of global warming.

Full sentence outlines are often accompanied with an APA reference list on a separate page. Quotes within the outline must also utilize in-text citations in current APA format.

My outline I started:

1.Health Informatics Training

A.)Health informatics is utilized to both understand and build decision support systems.

B.)Healthcare informatics professionals design and implement educational programs for other healthcare professionals on new systems or applications.

Please finish outline using the above material.


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