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You are the Sheriff, Governor or President or other top administrator and you are developing a policy/procedure or law that will make the prison system safer for staff and inmates alike. Sounds pretty broad, well that it because it is. You will need to have an issue that you personally feel that matters. Opinions do not matter I want fact and data as to why you feel your issue has merit. Your first few pages should develop that idea Then you lay out your idea and the goal of that idea, what is the end point of your policy. Then you discuss how you will implement it and receive feedback on your plan to see if it working.

Here some things to keep in mind, you are allowed to use any source you wish as long as it is a reputable source, no Wikipedia. Also block quotes or graphs/pictures that take up more than a third of the page do not count for the total page count. A cover pages is required and doesn’t count towards the page count and a work cited page is required and doesn’t count towards the page count. I want your content your ideas, your data supports it.

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