Training Proposal

Now it is up to you to create a training proposal on a topic of your choice.  It may be work-related, school-related, volunteer-related, anything – as long as you have some familiarity with the topic and it represents an opportunity for training.  Some sample topics from previous terms are provided below.

Your proposal should be in the form of a Power Point presentation that could be used to get permission to move forward with training implementation.

Your proposal should include:

  • Information/recommendations on how to best conduct training needs analysis for this topic
  • At least 3 measurable and observable learning outcomes
  • A detailed training plan including information on trainers, training methods, activities, locations, and timing
  • A plan to evaluate training using at least 3 of Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation*

*These elements should look familiar because they parallel the assignments you completed for the SLUHE, Inc. inventory system training.  Remember, this time, it is your own choice of training topic.

Your presentation should also:

  • Include narration
  • Be no more than 10-12 slides & no more than 15 minutes long
  • Include citations (if any) on their own References slide

Remember, you are NOT expected to conduct or evaluate this training.  Think of this assignment as a preliminary step that you would take to create buy-in with the organization before moving forward with the steps of training.

Sample topics from previous terms:

  • Training for a student organization on sexual harassment awareness
  • Training for veterans to act as mentors in a program for recently discharged service men and women
  • Training for an incoming group of newly-hired customer service representatives
  • Training for volunteers to safely pack and organize food boxes for a non-profit organization
  • Training for teen summer camp counselors

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