Transitioning Experiences 

Purpose: This activity aims to enhance reflection, facilitate critical thought, and express feelings in writing about challenges and successes encountered during role transition clinical experiences. Journal writing provides students with the opportunity to return to experiences in an attempt to develop new perspectives that can guide future nursing practice. Cognitive Learning (2 points)Identify at least two skills or concepts that were learned or reinforced in clinical. This could be actual tactile skills (like suctioning or Foley insertion, for example) or other skills – like giving reports, communicating with patients or families, dealing with conflict, managing your time, etc.

Affective & Transitioning Experiences (4 points)How did you feel about the experiences you encountered in clinical? (1 pt.)What were your strengths of performance and areas needing growth? (1 pt.)How do you feel you are transitioning to the role of a professional nurse? (1 pt.)What is helping or hindering your transition? (1 pt.)

Critical Thinking Synthesis (4 points)Choose one clinical situation that you encountered in clinical. In your own words, briefly describe the situation. (1 pt.)What was your top priority in this situation? Why? (2 pts.)What was the takeaway learning lesson you gained from the situation? (This could be anything related to physical or psychosocial skills.) (1 pt.)

Misc. (2 points)Organized content; double-spaced; proper sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling.

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