You were asked to ponder and expound upon whether you thought that we were in the early stages of WWIII. At that time, the U.S. had a $17 trillion debt. Well, that number has gone up and is today $18+ trillion and rapidly climbing: We also discussed how ISIS had documents on how to weaponize Yersina pestis, the invasion of Crimea and Ukraine by Russia, and al Qaeda’s idealogy and mission to eliminate “all non-believers” from the face of planet Earth. I asked you to consider the evildoers of today and whether they reminded you of what had happened more than 75 years ago, resulting in the beginning of WWII. Remember?

Most of you—not all—opted and eloquently wrote that you did not think we were in the early stages of WWIII. Have any of you changed your mind, one-way or the other? In order for you to reply this time, break down what has happened. For example, what’s new in the Middle East? ISIS?  Kurds?  What’s up with Vladamir Putin and Russia? Who are the Houthis? How close do you think Iran is in having a nuclear weapon, or will they? The more analysis the better.

What say you in two to three succinct, sharply-written paragraphs? Once again, this will be the only assignment graded in the Advanced Cyberlab, and it has been designed so that all of you put your lab coats on and a visit the lab frequently by linking to the other section found in the lab. Thank you for your consideration.

2 pages, APA format, in-text citation.

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