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I’m working on a health & medical case study and need an explanation to help me understand better.


In a series of assignments, you will use this case study to integrate user interface design (including usability/human factor principles) into a design document, analyze and develop workflows, evaluate users’ needs (including their involvement in user testing), develop evaluation metrics, and design end-user training materials.

The case study, which will be used throughout the course, will focus on various components of the course topics. It focuses specifically on the unique needs of oncology patients and the health care needs of oncology navigators and prior authorization/financial coordinators. The script that answers the following questions:

1) Who would be part of the user testing?

2) What are the elements to test?

3) What are the steps used to perform acceptance testing, integration testing of new systems, and testing of system enhancements?

4) Are there any rules involved?

5) What is the action/outcome expected?

Good grammar. Provide 3 scholarly sources APA style

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