Understanding the research process

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Getting Started

The focus of this discussion is to identify and describe  the  key concepts of qualitative research and the steps involved in the process.  For this discussion, you will search for a qualitative research article related to your patient-centered problem. After reading the article, you will describe the steps taken by the researcher to complete the study and the process used to draw conclusions from the data collected.

Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:

  • Describe key concepts in qualitative research.
  • Identify the steps of the qualitative research process.
  • Discuss the process used to collect and analyze qualitative data.


  • Textbook: Foundations of Nursing Research
  • File: Understanding the research process
  • File: Chapter 5 PPT
  • File: Chapter 8 PPT
  • File: Chapter 11 PPT
  • File: Chapter 12 PPT
  • Video: How to search for an article in OCLS
  • Video: How to save an article as a PDF document

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