Video Board Forum Prompt

Video Board Forum Prompt


A part of conducting research is to present your findings to the profession as a whole.  Sometimes this is done through workshops, webinars, and even conferences.


The purpose of this class-wide discussion is to give you an opportunity to share your research proposal that was developed throughout the course as a way to practice presenting it to your colleagues.


During this discussion, you will share your completed research proposals in the format of a verbal presentation with your classmates. You may use a powerpoint or script if you choose, however the proposal presentation must include the following:


(1) research questions and abbreviated literature review

(2) the null hypothesis and hypothesis

(3) the study design used

(4) participants and recruitment

(5) instruments used

(6) proposed statistical analysis.


**You must provide your abstract in the body of the post and the presentation title in the subject line.


Your presentation must be concise yet thorough, highlighting the 6 points above in 3-5 minutes.


Your replies should be meaningful and must continue the line of thought associated with the content.  You will record your reply and post it in your peers’ thread, in the same way you posted your thread. Discuss with your peers the implications for this research to the counseling field and give one Christian Integration thought that you have in light of the peers’ study. At least one scholarly source must be used in the replies.


Your Video Board Forum Assignment Thread is due at 11:59pm on Wednesday of Module/Week 8.  Your Video Board Forum replies will be due at 11:59pm on Friday of Module/Week 8.


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