Project Milestone

Read the ” CRUISE INTERNATIONAL, INC. A VIRTUAL SERVICE CASE”  Answer the following questions in a Word document and submit for grading.

1. Identify the different departments on a typical cruise ship. Identify the type of personnel needed in each department

2. Analyze trends in guest surveys about the quality of the cruise experience aboard the Friendly Seas I. Marissa believes that the number of OUTSTANDING responses with regard to the alternative restaurant has been declining but is not certain if that decline is statistically significant. Marissa has data from the past 15 cruises for you to analyze.

3. Develop a forecast of the demand for cruises next year both in aggregate demand for the entire industry and also by different regions. The data collected by Burkette is available at Cruise Data. If Cruise International captures the same share of the market as its share of industry capacity, develop similar forecasts for CII.

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