2. Name and explain the eight hats/roles of data visualization.

4. Summarize/discuss at least 6 key things discussed in this course that influence one’s Design Choices.

5.What is the importance of RegEx or Regular Expressions in data analytics? Discuss the differences between the types of regular expressions. Choose two types of regular expressions and discuss the differences between the two. Please be sure to include two or three differences for each. Include how they help manipulate data.

6.Excel provides many features that make it useful for data visualization. It is a tool still widely used despite its limitations. Newer versions of Excel have addressed some of the limitations. What are 3 or 4 cons (limitations) to using Microsoft Excel for data visualization?

10. Three storytelling techniques are discussed in the text (pages 161-209) in which data is presented and stories are being interpreted. The techniques are described as inheritant characteristics of some charts and graphics. What is the importance and the advantages of using these techniques? Provide an example of each technique.

14. List and Describe 3 or 4 myths that are described in chapter 11 of Andy Kirk’s book. Then state what is Kirks response to these myths.

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