VRI Paper

The VRI (visit to a religious institution) requirements for the course now has a few options. The main aim of the VRI paper is to report on your engagement with a religious institution. I choose Jewish and dialogue with an insider and show how this has impacted your thinking.

I had to go with the Insider Chapters of World Religion in Dialogue textbook because I have been quarantined. The paper should report on what that insider says are the key themes of their religion from their perspective (not yours). Focus on what their religion means to them. Then talk about what is most important to being Jewish in your view? What do they wish to others new about their religion? also if this is a difficult task you may interview a friend who is a member of the Jewish faith. Focus on what the religion means to them. Then talk about whether their view of their religion helped you to see any gaps in your understanding of that religion, and whether this impacts your understanding of your own tradition.

The Insiders chapter is 6 An Insider\’s Perspective by Jan Katzew. The Universality and Uniqueness of Judaism: An Insider\’s Perspective

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