Walden Library

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Analyze the feedback that you received on your study questions and research topic both from the Instructor and from your colleagues
  • Finalize your research topic
  • Review this week’s Learning Resources on using the Walden Library and searching within the library
  • Review the Learning Resources on locating sources of funding and grants
  • Locate two articles in the Walden Library that relate to your research topic

Post a comprehensive response pertaining to your selected research topic including the following:

  • Identify the keywords you used to search the literature
  • Identify the Boolean operators that assisted you in your search
  • Identify the databases you searched for current literature
  • Identify professional journals that are likely to provide relevant literature on your research topic
  • Search the Internet for at least two organizations that might fund your research
  • Describe two articles that you found using the Walden Library and explain why they are useful to your research topic

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